If you’ve been looking for a sign, you should have already proposed. Seriously.

Lucky you, December is the most popular month to get engaged, so maybe you’re procrastinating paid off.

Don’t ask me why December is the most popular month. Maybe it has something to do with all the holiday cheer, but this time of year we always have lots of engagement ring appointments.

Sometimes the Person Proposing Gets Really Into The Process

Taking their time to design the ring and pick out the perfect stone. Other times they come in and buy something we already have in stock.

Personally I enjoy the design process. Getting to learn about the couple, matching something to their style. I find that exciting.

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of designing some pretty detailed rings, like a bee themed ring with a yellow center stone to match the theme.

Need Some Design Inspiration?

We’ve had a lot of people looking for non traditional shapes like ovals, pears and hearts rather than the classic and more traditional shapes. Obviously celebrity choices help drive these trends but I also feel like people are looking to differentiate their rings from the classic designs they grew up seeing in their mothers jewelry box.

Let us help you design a ring that is as unique as your partner and as special as your love.