Creativity is the driving force behind Jason of Beverly Hills. From his earliest beginnings in jewelry Jason has strived to bring the impossible to life with an insatiable need to produce pieces that break the mold of traditional jewelry standards. “The DNA of our brand is self expression,” says Mr. Arasheben.”My dream has always been to bring unique visions to life.”



Owned and operated by Jason Arasheben since 2002, Jason of Beverly Hills is known globally for their one of a kind diamond pieces that shatter the boundaries set forth by traditional jewelers. The son of immigrants, Jason grew up in modest surroundings and discovered his passion for jewelry and design at an early age. While attending UCLA, Jason started his business designing and selling plastic hair clips and silver trinkets from a 6ft table on campus. Armed with a passion for design and an unwavering determination, Jason quickly expanded into the high jewelry market and grew his brand by opening retail boutiques worldwide selling high end diamond pieces to the world’s elite.

“I wanted to build a jewelry house that goes against the grain and allows our clients to create with us, free of any limitations”, Mr. Arasheben shares. “This is not your grandmother’s jewelry”

Unafraid to take risks and push the limits of conventional fine jewelry standards, Jason of Beverly Hills has rapidly gained a global reputation for creating bespoke diamond pieces for an extremely selective clientele, including celebrities, professional athletes and royalty.



Freedom: The creative mission is to make the impossible possible. Jason of Beverly Hills strives to create an environment that not only allows for radical innovation in their collections, but also allows clients the creative freedom to design for themselves.

Quality: We are proud to operate one of the most state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the world. Using the highest quality gems and materials, each and every piece is crafted by our exquisite team of highly skilled jewelers and artisans. The combination of traditional techniques with high-tech manufacturing allows us to achieve an unparalleled level of excellence and craftsmanship.

Support: Full customer support is provided long after delivery of the products. Ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish, the Jason of Beverly Hills team will be available and ready to repair, resize and address any concerns of their items.

Social Responsibility: Both human rights and environmental concerns are considered when creating each and every piece. We make it a priority to source recycled or fair trade gold and track every diamond to its origin to ensure it comes from a verifiably ethical and environmentally sound source.