Coco Chanel used to recommend taking an item off before leaving the house. But it seems like today everyone is adding one (or two) on.

More and more we’re seeing clients pile on necklaces. Layering isn’t a new trend, but the way people are layering has changed. It used to be that you would pair necklaces at varying lengths. Honestly, it could be a lot of effort to make it work. Adding extenders to get just the right length.

Now we’re seeing different shaped chains, complimentary colored stones, and a range of chain widths that when all stacked together create depth. It seems like anything you’ve got, just stack it on, but there is more thought to it than that.

We’ve actually seen this trend more so with men than women. Today, men are making more of a statement with their jewelry, creating the trends and bringing a new breath to the accessories world.

Jewelry has always been a space where there are no limits or gender roles and this way of styling plays in to that. It is all about the more the merrier. An all inclusive look.

Looking to give stacking necklaces a try? Odd numbers are good. Try mixing colors. Female pieces with tougher big bulky men’s chains. Make it a party and share your looks with us on instagram.

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