Before I started designing jewelry most of the heart shaped pieces I had seen left me feeling uninspired. They were overt and cheesy. I wanted to design jewelry that utilized both heart shaped stones and heart settings to create pieces that felt anything but cliche. We’ve designed a few different styles over the years and I love the way our pieces have turned out and evolved over time.

When I started designing heart shaped jewelry I did a lot of research about the origin of the heart shape. I wanted to understand when the heart symbol became so popular and why it doesn’t look like an actual heart. You’ve wondered too. Don’t lie.

There is a theory that Aristotle’s misconception of what the human heart looked like contributed to the shape, and by the time the anatomical error was corrected, everyone was already in love with the heart icon. Whatever the origins, it is a hard symbol to miss.

Whether you go for a more subtle look with our Heart Rubellite Earrings or make a bigger statement with our Open Heart ring, I hope you find a piece in this collection you love.