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FRIDAY FIRE: Open Cross Ring

We are all aware that the cross is most well known in its Christian context. However, the cross has many other meanings as well.

Crosses very commonly represent the earth and the physical universe. The cross can be seen as symbolizing the four elements (earth, water, air, and fire). There are not only a literal view of the properties of physical things but they are also a symbol of our existence in this universe.

Check out the new JBH Open Cross Ring below. What does is symbolize to you?



A little SPARKLE for your Friday

FRIDAY FIRE: Custom Family Tree Pendant

“Family Over Everything”
Show your family ties with a customized pendant created by our jewelry experts at Jason of Beverly Hills. Place your orders today.


FRIDAY FIRE: Put a Ring on HIM

From Gabrielle Union and Kim Kardashian, to recently engaged singers Ciara and Kelly Rowland, its definitely the season for engagements!
But who says that the ladies should have all the fun?
Guys, you went through all that trouble finding the right ring for your future Mrs. Why not have a few “OMG” moments of your own with a custom wedding band from Jason of Beverly Hills! She’ll love the idea of her man being just as eager to show off his new ring bling.
Get yours in time for Valentines Day at JasonofBH.com

Happy Wife, Happy Life. lol ~vK

FRIDAY FIRE: Ladies Gold Bangle With Croc Finish

Here’s something a little different for the ladies…
This brand new addition to the Jason of Beverly Hills Collection transforms and re-purposes the traditional belt into this charming, yellow gold bangle with croc-style finish, embellished with a white diamond buckle.
This piece is available NOW at all three of our JBH Boutiques (Beverly Hills, Vegas, Charlotte) and through authorized dealers.


Friday Fire: Black (Diamond) Widow Ring

When a black widow spider lands on your hand, its usually safe to say that you’re in trouble. We assure you that this little beauty is harmless.
Get your hands on this new item from Jason of Beverly Hills extensive custom ring collection, the Black Widow Ring featuring dazzling black diamonds on black gold.
Available now at our JBH boutiques and through our authorized dealers. INFO@JasonofBH.com

Happy First Friday of the year!! ~vK

Friday Fire: Jason of Beverly Hills Gifts

It’s not too late to surprise that extra special someone with a personalized gift from Jason of Beverly Hills. Dazzle them with diamonds this Christmas!


FRDIAY FIRE: Custom Engagement Rings

Give her the gift you know she wants this Christmas…
Choose from our amazing selection of diamond engagement rings or have one specially customized to surprise your sweetheart.


FRIDAY FIRE: White Diamond Cuban Link Chain

Jason of Beverly Hills is the place to find one of today’s hottest jewelry trends, over-sized Cuban link chains. This piece features white gold covered in flawless white diamonds and is available now!
Get your custom orders in early for Christmas from any of our JBH boutiques or authorized dealers.
Happy Friday ~vK

Friday Fire: King of The Jungle Pendant

Salute to the mighty king of beasts!
We showed you the boastful King of the Jungle Ring a while back, new here’s a look at its new matching pendant, made exclusively at Jason of Beverly Hills.
This piece features yellow gold and white diamonds with a custom lion engraving that demands attention on sight.
Get yours now at JasonofBH.com or INFO@JasonofBH.com

Happy Friday! (roooar) ~vK