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Derez Earrings
80′s babies. It is totally acceptable for you to be excited about this.
With Disney’s latest 3-D eyeball explosion TRON :Legacy hitting theaters December 17th, these sci-fi accessories will be flying off the shelves. 
A collaboration with LA based jewelry designer TomTom and Disney Consumer Products brings you this collection of space aged trinkets available now at the TRON pop-up shop in Culver City.
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Local cosplay boutique, Royal-T hosts the TRON pop-up shop where you can find a wide range of goodies inspired by the film.
The TomTom jewelry collection includes pieces that mimic the chillingly blue glow of the laser disks found in the world of Tron. Splashes of mirrored lucite and blue topaz contrast against gun metal plated brass for a stylish, futuristic look. Prices range from $250 to around $500.
Grid Escape Ring
Legacy Necklace
Light Runner Cuff
Disk Warrior Necklace
The Derez earrings are pretty cute so I’m giving all Tron geeks a pass on this one. Just this once. ~vK

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