Monthly Archives: April 2011

>Friday Fire: Lucky Stars

> This is a fun new piece from the Jason of Beverly Hills Collection, the Star bracelet. Made from 18k white gold with a modern brushed finish on the bracelet, topped of with some darling star shaped embellishments, made of flawless white diamonds. Add this piece to a cluster of assorted bangles, or wear it [...]

>Prince Williams Passes On Putting a Ring On It

> We featured a piece a while back about the disproportionate size of men’s engagement rings compared to women’s monster rocks and the growing popularity of the bigger and bolder wedding bands.When I heard that Prince William (engaged to be married to his fiancee Kate Middleton this April) is set firmly against wearing a wedding [...]

>BRAVO Unveils New 6 New Projects Including Jason of Beverly Hills

> The Bravo Network recently green lit a slew of new series for their upcoming season, and has just announced an additional six new shows that are in production for the fall.One of the said shows features someone we know…SEE MORE HERE…“We’re increasing our original production by 20 percent in 2011, which as you can [...]